Rumbullion! (70cl, 42.6%)

A shipshape spiced concoction made using a blend of fantastic Caribbean rum, creamy Madagascan vanilla, vibrant orange peel, clove, cassia and a pinch of cardamom. The label features an illustration of a Navy grog tub, further showing off its maritime inspiration. Sip this cockle-warming treat over ice with a squeeze of fresh lime juice, or enjoy in the world’s best spiced daiquiri, using 2 parts Rumbullion! and 1 part fresh lime.

Also available in Magnum (1.5L) size.


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Rumbullion! Navy-Strength
(70cl, 57.0%)

A full-bodied variation on the Rumbullion! recipe, bottled at Navy Strength (which is rather fitting, wouldn’t you agree?). Massive notes of cardamom and vanilla burst forth from this spice rum.

World Rum Awards 2017

Rumbullion! XO 15 Years Old
(50cl, 46.2%)

Familiar notes of the original, but the extraordinary 15 year old Caribbean rum at the core of Rumbullion! XO gives it a seductive, intense depth. 


Best Spiced Rum
World Rum Awards 2017