Our Rumbullion! XO Has Been Named The World's Best Spiced Rum


Our Rumbullion! XO is named best spiced rum in the world. We’ll take that.

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We hate to be awards bores, but this was just too exciting not to shout about (it’s taking all of our strength not to type this news in caps - we’re that chuffed.)

The results are in from the World Rum Awards and our Rumbullion! XO has only been named the World’s Best Spiced Rum. Yep, you read that correctly - the world’s best. The best. In the World. Simply the best, better than all...whoops, we got carried away with Tina Turner there.

Anyway, we think you’ll agree it’s pretty exciting. We are REALLY REALLY EXCITED ABOUT THIS. Sorry, the caps got the better of us.

You’d think having one of our rums being named the best in the world would be enough, but no - we didn’t stop there. Our Rumbullion! Navy Strength scooped a gold medal in the Spiced Rum category, and our Explorers’ Edition (which you may have seen on your global travels in airports and the suchlike) was awarded a shiny bronze. Rumazing news all round!

What better way to celebrate than with a delicious rum cocktail? It’s sunny, it’s a Bank Holiday and WE’VE WON SHINY MEDALS. We really can’t stop. HELP. Check out our serving suggestions here - the Rumbullion! XO makes a rather tasty Rum Old Fashioned or Rum Manhattan, and our Navy Strength is wonderful in a Ti’ Punch or Navy Daiquiri.

Go forth and rum! We’re off to get the caps lock key replaced on our keyboard...