Five Medals For Ableforth’s In The San Francisco World Spirits Competition

We’re in high spirits after winning five shiny accolades...

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We’ve got some pretty exciting news. You’re going to want to sit down for this. Maybe with a cocktail in hand.

We’ve only gone and bloody won five medals for our spirits in the San Francisco World Spirits Competition! And not just any medals either - as well as bronze for our Summer Fruit Cup and silver for our Cherry Brandy, Christmas Mulled Cup, and Rumbullion!, we also nabbed a prestigious gold medal for our Bathtub Gin.

We said you’d want to sit down.

Needless to say, this is all very thrilling and we are, er, thrilled. We’re happy as Larry, whoever he may be. These awards are just the latest in what’s been a very good few months for us, with our Cherry Brandy being named Taste Master at the end of 2018.

Wondering how to celebrate this rather delicious news? Well, seeing as this week also saw International Gin and Tonic day taking place, it only seems right that you grab a wedge of orange and some premium tonic and enjoy them with some gold medal winning Bathtub Gin!