New year, new vocab…

Here at Ableforth’s HQ we don’t like to make life easy for ourselves. Maybe it’s because we spend a whole week cold-compounding our gin so we’re used to a bit of graft. Or maybe we’re mad - also possible. Either way, it could be said we like a challenge, so we’ve tasked ourselves with making up some words to add to our Ableforth’s Dictionary.

Going forward, we’ll be sharing new words with you, each one inspired by the things that make us tick - flavours, fun and all-round deliciousness.

We’re kicking things off with a word that we think fits the January bill perfectly - after all, this month is all about trying new things, challenging yourself and embracing change. So, without further ado we give to you: Whirlist


If you’re the kind of person who orders things on the menu you’ve never tried, just because, or find yourself blatantly ignoring Netflix’s ‘suggested for you’ listings because you want to challenge yourself to FIND NEW THINGS ON YOUR OWN DAMMIT, then you’re a Whirlist. Basically, you’re always happy to erm, give things a whirl.

So, fellow Whirlists…what have you tried lately?