Have Yourself A Merry Little Shindig


A delicious party was won, and here’s how the night unfolded…


A few weeks ago we asked Ableforth’s drinkers to tell us what made their Christmases distinctive, with the lucky winner getting a £1,000 party - at their house - with delicious cocktails, fabulous food, great music and their favourite people. A shindig, if you will.

And, that shindig was well and truly shindug. The recipient was a lovely chap named Harry, who really went above and beyond with his entry, describing in great detail what made his Christmas celebrations uncompromising, exceptional and distinctive.

“In true British country style, the best food and drink is at the heart of our Christmas… guests arrive in their bohemian best, entering our candle-lit living room beneath hand-made wreaths… indulgence and festivities are a key part of all cultures, old and new. A well-paid latecomer opens a bottle of Moet, and the neighbours who have been smoking all night wander hazily upstairs to investigate this shindig...”

We liked his entry so much we decided we’d quite like to be mates with Harry, or, at least with the well-paid latecomer bringing the Moet. They’re welcome any time.

Anyway, on to the main event - as well as a selection of drinks for the guests to enjoy, with Ableforth’s cocktails amongst the mix, there was also a deliciously distinctive menu put together by Creative Catering.

You’d be forgiven for thinking a Christmas party requires turkey and sprouts, but then you’ve never been to an Ableforth’s Shindig - instead of spuds and stuffing, the guests were treated to the likes of boeuf au chocolat on mash and lavender pulled lamb on cous cous, with shots of chilli chocolate mousse for dessert.

When it came to the party playlist, we started putting together a soundtrack. But, when we discovered that Harry’s a bit of a music aficionado who casually DJs in his spare time, we weren’t convinced he’d enjoy the Wham! Megamix we’d selected, and let him choose his own music - and of course, he provided the perfect backdrop to the evening.

A great time was had by all, with the festivities continuing well into the early hours. Harry even called the event “The best Christmas party we could have dreamt of.” Cheers to that!

Here’s some Shindig snapshots for you to enjoy...