Wrap Your Christmas The Ableforth's Way

Add a touch of Ableforth’s to your Christmas with our wrapping methods…


‘Tis the time of the year when all of those presents you lovingly and painstakingly selected (or ordered online with next day delivery) need to be wrapped. But before you head to the shops and buy reams and reams of wrapping paper covered in glitter - which face it, nobody is grateful for - why not consider adopting the Ableforth’s wrapping style this Christmas?

Brown Paper

Our bottles are each lovingly hand-wrapped in brown paper, and actually, wrapping gifts in something other than reindeer or Santa adorned paper can be great for several reasons:

  • Firstly, buying brown paper is cheaper - you can get metres and metres of the stuff for a fraction of the price of normal wrapping paper. Money saved = gin funds. That’s the kind of maths we can get on board with.

  • Secondly, it’s more environmentally friendly. Actually, a lot of wrapping paper isn’t recyclable because of the dyes and additives, so opting for brown paper looks nice and it’s kind to the environment. Double brownie points for you.

  • It’s also customisable, so you can make your gifts as personal as you want them to be. Or, if you’re going for the mysterious secret Santa, don’t bother, and wait for people to be bamboozled (but impressed with the lovely craft look and feel of the present, of course.)


Every one of our bottles is wrapped with twine, and just like it gives the spirits an extra touch, twine is also a great way to jazz up those presents once you’ve wrapped them. Rather than using shiny bows, thread embellishments on to your twine and tie round the gifts. Not only do they look great, they also double up as decorations once they’ve been removed.


Every bottle of Ableforth’s is wax-sealed for the perfect finish, and wax is also a great way to give your Christmas presents and cards a special touch. Want your friends and family to feel really regal? Add a wax seal to their Christmas cards. Fancy, effective and they’ll wonder for a second whether they’ve received royal correspondence, which is always fun.

Or, why not forego name tags for a personalised wax stamp on gifts instead? No chance of them becoming dislodged and your elderly relative accidentally opening the came of Cards Against Humanity you bought your sibling…

A bottle of Ableforth’s

Can’t bring yourself to actually wrap up anything this Christmas? Fear not, as our bottles, have been lovingly hand-finished with paper, twine and a wax-seal, and so they’re basically ready-wrapped. And you don’t have to faff with finding the end of the sellotape either...