Five Alternative Ways To Bring The Flavours of Ableforth’s To Your Christmas

Make those exceptional ingredients a staple part of your festivities


Now we know what you’re thinking - obviously the best way to enjoy our range of exceptional spirits is to just drink them, but this Christmas why not mix things up and introduce some elements of Ableforth’s into your festive decorations and interiors…

Festive Wreath



There’s nothing more welcoming than a Christmas wreath hanging on the front door and there’s plenty of ways to incorporate the exceptional Ableforth’s ingredients into your decoration. From the dried orange peel and cassia bark botanicals in our Bathtub Gin to the cinnamon, orange and vanilla in our Rumbullion!, these ingredients all make stylish (and delicious!) additions to a festive wreath - so not only will your front door look great, it’ll smell sensational too.

Tree Decorations

See ya, stars! Ta ta tinsel! Replace your regular decorations with some botanically-inspired ones instead. From cassia and cinnamon to oranges studded with cloves, not only will your tree be abundant with Ableforth’s ingredients, it’ll also look and smell amazing. If however you do fancy throwing some baubles into the mix, Drinks by the Dram has created a bauble containing our Bathtub Gin…

Gift Wrapping



At Ableforth’s we’re advocates of fantastic wrapping - after all, every one of our bottles is lovingly hand-finished with paper, twine and a wax-seal. And, some of our botanicals and ingredients lend themselves very well to being incorporated into wrapping too - cinnamon and cassia tied with twine look gorgeous atop a gift, as do dried sloe berries if you want to give a nod to our Sloe Gin in your wrapping.




Perhaps the most obvious way to incorporate the delicious smells and flavours of Ableforth’s into your Christmas is to create potpourri from some of the key ingredients and botanicals. From the nutmeg in our Christmas Mulled Cup to the orange, cloves and cinnamon you’ll find in both our Bathtub Gin and Rumbullion!, your home will be filled with warming festive scents that also handily remind you of your favourite spirits…

Sloe Mistletoe

For a fresh alternative to traditional mistletoe, swap for a sloe berry branch instead. It’ll need preserving, (or drying, but the berries will shrink down) but the effort will be worth it. Plus there won’t be any of those awkward kissing situations with this hanging from the ceiling…