Bathtub Gin Navy-Strength wins IWSC Trophy!

We're overjoyed to announce that our Bathtub Gin Navy-Strength took home the Contemporary Gin Trophy at the International Wine & Spirit Competition 2017!

With a bundle of elation and pride in our chests, we're extremely excited to say that our very own Bathtub Gin Navy-Strength has been awarded the International Wine & Spirit Competition 2017 Contemporary Gin Trophy!

With around 400 gin entries in this year's IWSC, including many heavy-hitters of the gin world, the competition has never been more fierce. However, Bathtub Gin Navy-Strength is no stranger to hard-won prizes, having been named best Compound Gin at the World Gin Awards three years running.

Let's have a little look at what the IWSC judges thought about Bathtub Gin Navy-Strength, shall we?

"Exceptionally spicy, covering the full range of the spice rack: cardamom, nutmeg, cinnamon, ginger, and cloves. Lovely and smooth in texture. Full of bold, resinous juniper flavours upfront, before a light, sweet note of cassia and slight cakiness that is reminiscent of tiffin slices and raisin country slices."

Tiffin and raisin country slices. Those judges are talking our language.