Cask-Aged Bathtub Gins bottled by That Boutique-y Gin Company!

New bottler That Boutique-y Gin Company releases small numbered batches from their favourite brands including own own Bathtub Gin!

As you'll proabably know, Bathtub Gin is perfect for cask-aging with its big flavours. That's why our Bathtub GIn - Cask-Aged was named World's Best Cask Gin at the World Gin Awards 2016! Experimenting with different, high quality casks is something we've therefore been interested in for some time, and That Boutique-y Gin Company offers us a great opportunity to do just that and for you to taste the delicious results.

Whilst independent bottlers are commonplace in the whisky industry, for example, they're quite unusual for gin. In fact, as far as we know That Boutique-y Gin Company is the first one ever! Check out their first two batches of our Bathtub Gin, each aged in a single 50 litre ex-Sherry cask - Batch 1 in a fresh Palo Cortado cask and Batch 2 in a cask that previously held rich, thick Pedro Ximénez! Expect more to follow...