And the Winner is...

We hosted an in-house Bathtub Gin bar competition at the Ace Hotel, and we have a winning team to present!


At the end of November, we held an in-house Bathtub Gin bar competition with the fine folks from The Ace Hotel London, because we love nothing more than riling up some friendly competition between a group of pals who know their way around a cocktail.

We tasked the Ace Hotel crew to pair up and create a drink based around Bathtub Gin in two weeks. It had to be tasty and simple to replicate, because the winning cocktail would be listed on the bar menu for the month of December. The judges were Ableforth's brand ambassador Lee, Chris from Maverick Drinks and beverage manager of The Ace Hotel, Ian McIntyre.

Eight teams each produced a cocktail - all of which were fantastic. After narrowing the crowd down to only three, there was one cocktail that just edged its way ahead of the pack. The winner was Rosie Cheeks, created by the talented duo of Viorel Crozu and Henri Chevallet!


This tipple is outstandingly well-balanced, showing off the spiciness and citrus-y elements of Bathtub Gin with warming notes pulling it all together. The star anise and rosemary garnish is simple but effective, adding a beautiful freshness to the cocktail's aroma. Fancy making Rosie Cheeks yourself? The recipe is below - just make sure toast to Viorel and Henri when you do!

Rosie Cheeks Recipe
35ml Bathtub Gin
10ml Green Chartreuse
5ml Violet Liquor
15ml Rosemary Cordial
20ml lemon juice
Egg white