Ableforth’s Underground Happened

Cheers to everyone that ventured into our subterranean cocktail cubbyhole during London Cocktail Week!


Right. Ableforth’s Underground certainly happened, didn’t it? A whole week of subterranean festivities occured in that drinks den, and it was an entertaining, if tiring, ride. Speaking of being tired, if you happen to see any of us in the coming week and notice our voice is still somewhat strained, you now know why.

From Monday to Sunday, we were open for 12 hours, serving coffee and pastries throughout the day until the sun went down and the cocktails came out. Our team was slinging Bathtub Gin and Rumbullion!-based cocktails left and right, while our guests were slapping down dominoes and handling handfuls of… Well, handling handfuls of Gin Rummy hands. We didn’t think that sentence through. Let’s move on.


Guest bartenders joined us for yet more cracking cocktail construction, including Dev Johnson from New York’s Employees Only, Yael Stormborn from The Spare Room L.A.  and William Pineapple of Holiday Cocktail Lounge New York. It’s safe to say that we had a blast working with them.

You know who else we enjoyed meeting? You. All of the wonderful folks who came underground, said hello, played some games, drank some drinks and generally had a great time were the most wonderful guests we could have wanted. Cheers if you joined us for Ableforth’s Underground and helped make London Cocktail Week 2017 an absolute barnstormer!