Bathtub Gin and Rumbullion! Now Available in Morrisons Across the UK

Our award-winning Bathtub Gin and Rumbullion! can now be bought at over 300 Morrisons locations!

Should you take a walk through the spirits section of your local Morrisons, keep your eyes peeled and you might see a pair of familiar faces. We’re very proud to announce that our very own award-winning Bathtub Gin and Rumbullion! are now available in over 300 Morrisons stores across the UK, adding to their carefully curated range!


Speaking about the new range, Andrew Thomas, Spirits Buyer at Morrisons, said, "Morrisons is seeing customers trade up across a number of spirit categories as the trend towards better quality liquids continues. This is a great opportunity as customers are willing to pay more but expect a better product and experience in return. Products such as Bathtub Gin & Rumbullion! really deliver on this promise from the eye catching hand-wrapped bottles through to the great tasting liquid."

So if your reserves of Rumbullion! or Bathtub Gin start to run low, head down to Morrisons, spy out our unmistakable brown paper-wrapped, wax-sealed bottles and pop them in your basket next to your eggs and chocolate biscuits and the like.