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Bathtub Gin (70cl, 43.3%)

At Ableforth's, we’re very particular about how we make our award-winning Bathtub Gin.

Copper pot-distilled gin is first made with juniper, coriander and other fragrant botanicals.  We take a portion of this gin and painstakingly infuse it with a further six botanicals, capturing the vibrant flavours of orange peel, cassia, juniper, coriander, cardamom and clove.

This infusion is meticulously blended back into the gin, giving Bathtub its unique character, allowing those fresh botanical flavours – too delicate to survive traditional distillation – to shine through, and leaving our gin with its distinctive botanical hue. It’s only finished once wrapped, strung and waxed by hand, ready to deliver unparalleled fresh flavour to your G&Ts and cocktails.


Also available...

Bathtub Gin - Cask-Aged
(50cl, 43.3%)

Aged in tiny "octave" casks for a wonderfully spicy, rich and buttery gin.


Winner  World's Best Cask Gin - 2016 World Gin Awards

Best Cask Gin
World Gin Awards 2016

Bathtub Gin - Navy-Strength
(70cl, 57.0%)

With a higher ABV than the original, this edition also packs a weighty botanical punch, because every botanical is cracked open before being added to the spirit.


International Wine & Spirit
Competition 2017


Bathtub Gin - Cask-Aged Navy-Strength (50cl, 57.0%)

Navy Strength Bathtub Gin, aged in 50 litre casks, resulting in possibly the best gin ever for a Last Word.


Gold Outstanding
International Wine & Spirit
Competition 2017


Bathtub Gin - Old Tom
(50cl, 42.4%)

A slightly sweetened variation of Bathtub Gin, perfect for starring in your Martinez and Tom Collins cocktails.


The Gin Masters 2016

Bathtub Gin - Sloe Gin
(50cl, 33.8%)

Made with almost half a pound of the finest Sloes per bottle.

International Spirits Challenge 2015