Ableforth’s Underground Happened

Cheers to everyone that ventured into our subterranean cocktail cubbyhole during London Cocktail Week!


Right. Ableforth’s Underground certainly happened, didn’t it? A whole week of subterranean festivities occured in that drinks den, and it was an entertaining, if tiring, ride. Speaking of being tired, if you happen to see any of us in the coming week and notice our voice is still somewhat strained, you now know why.

From Monday to Sunday, we were open for 12 hours, serving coffee and pastries throughout the day until the sun went down and the cocktails came out. Our team was slinging Bathtub Gin and Rumbullion!-based cocktails left and right, while our guests were slapping down dominoes and handling handfuls of… Well, handling handfuls of Gin Rummy hands. We didn’t think that sentence through. Let’s move on.


Guest bartenders joined us for yet more cracking cocktail construction, including Dev Johnson from New York’s Employees Only, Yael Stormborn from The Spare Room L.A.  and William Pineapple of Holiday Cocktail Lounge New York. It’s safe to say that we had a blast working with them.

You know who else we enjoyed meeting? You. All of the wonderful folks who came underground, said hello, played some games, drank some drinks and generally had a great time were the most wonderful guests we could have wanted. Cheers if you joined us for Ableforth’s Underground and helped make London Cocktail Week 2017 an absolute barnstormer!


Bathtub scoops Gin of the Year Award!

We’re beyond delighted to announce that the good folk at the London Craft Distilling Expo have named Bathtub Gin their Contemporary Gin of the Year 2017!

Ableforths Bathtub Craft Distilling.jpg

Bathtub fended off stiff competition (the Gin of the Year awards attracted almost 80 entrants from eight countries) to scoop the title, which we will now proudly stash in our increasingly crowded Ableforth’s trophy cabinet.

But wait –  there’s more! Not only did Bathtub shine in the Contemporary category, but we also picked up Fruit Gin of the Year for Bathtub Sloe Gin!

Bathtub Sloe.jpg

The Craft Distilling Expo Gin of the Year competition was assessed by a panel of 11 gin experts and carried out in strict blind tasting conditions over two rounds. We’re thrilled that Bathtub Gin and Bathtub Sloe Gin stood up so well to the scrutiny.

We’re off to shake up a cocktail and celebrate!

Off-trade/on-trade enquiries should be directed to our UK distributor, Maverick Drinks.

Ableforth's Underground @ London Cocktail Week

We're hosting a subterranean cocktail and games pop-up at London Cocktail Week! 


Like a wisdom of gin-wielding wombats or a cete of rum-brandishing badgers, we're going underground for London Cocktail Week 2017. From the 2nd to the 8th of October, in a subterranean lair (really), we're hosting Ableforth's Underground, a day-to-night cocktail and games pop-up, just a stone's throw away from the LCW festivities.

By day, you can drop by to escape the madness with a coffee and enough wifi to shake a memory-stick at. By night, the cocktails come out (made with our Bathtub Gin, Rumbullion! and more, of course) and the games begin. Literally. We've got loads of games lined up to amuse, educate and delight all that venture below the concrete. We'll also have international bar takeovers with guest bartenders, a competition to win a year's worth of gin or rum, an interactive tasting wall, and a bottle shop for you to take home your own Ableforth's deliciousness.

Ableforth's Underground will be open from 11am to 11pm throughout London Cocktail Week, with free entry every day. Slam this address into GoogleMaps to find us: Basement 82a, Commercial Street, London E1 6LY. We'll see you there.

Our Bathtub Gin Old Tom's UK Tour

We took our Bathtub Gin Old Tom on tour and teamed up with Nicholson's Pubs to showcase the historic gin style.

Over the summer, we ventured out into the world and visited a swath of Nicholson's Pubs with our Bathtub Gin Old Tom in hand to shine a light on the glory of the traditional style of gin.


Much like today 18th century Britons witnessed a gin craze, with juniper-led libations gaining an astonishing following. Unlike modern-day drinkers, they had to contend with dangerously made, often illegally-produced products packed with unpalatable impurities. To remedy this, gin compounders cleverly sweetened their gin to mask off-flavours. The Old Tom style was born (just so we're clear, we no longer need to sweeten the gin to hide any horrors - now it's just to add a sweetness to the flavour profile).

At the same time, to capitalise on the gin boom the government levied huge taxes against distillers and purveyors of the spirit. To circumvent these, shopkeepers saw fit to hang up the sign of a cat, a secret signal to imbibers that they could get their gin fix without shouldering the enormous duties. All they had to do was push a coin through a slot in the cat’s mouth and gin would be poured through a pipe beneath its paw and into a waiting glass. These so-called Puss and Mew houses were an integral part the history of Old Tom gin - and we made our own inside Nicholson's Pubs!


After a tutored tasting of Bathtub Gin Old Tom, folks were able to purchase a coin from the bar and by pushing it through the mouth of a cat on our Puss and Mew house, start a chain reaction. When we say "chain reaction", we of course mean that our Ableforth's bartender within the house would get to work mixing up a cracking Old Tom Collins with Bathtub Gin Old Tom then serve it through the handy hatch at the front of the house. 


Pretty snazzy, eh? A bit like a dumbwaiter, except with cocktails instead of breakfasts, and a human instead of mechanical bits and bobs... 

Bathtub Gin Navy-Strength wins IWSC Trophy!

We're overjoyed to announce that our Bathtub Gin Navy-Strength took home the Contemporary Gin Trophy at the International Wine & Spirit Competition 2017!

With a bundle of elation and pride in our chests, we're extremely excited to say that our very own Bathtub Gin Navy-Strength has been awarded the International Wine & Spirit Competition 2017 Contemporary Gin Trophy!

With around 400 gin entries in this year's IWSC, including many heavy-hitters of the gin world, the competition has never been more fierce. However, Bathtub Gin Navy-Strength is no stranger to hard-won prizes, having been named best Compound Gin at the World Gin Awards three years running.

Let's have a little look at what the IWSC judges thought about Bathtub Gin Navy-Strength, shall we?

"Exceptionally spicy, covering the full range of the spice rack: cardamom, nutmeg, cinnamon, ginger, and cloves. Lovely and smooth in texture. Full of bold, resinous juniper flavours upfront, before a light, sweet note of cassia and slight cakiness that is reminiscent of tiffin slices and raisin country slices."

Tiffin and raisin country slices. Those judges are talking our language.

Ableforth's Scoop Up a Stack of San Fran Medals

We're excited to announce that we picked up a whole host of medals at this year's San Francisco World Spirits Competition!

The results of the San Francisco World Spirits Competition 2017 have been released, and we're thoroughly thrilled to say that our menagerie of marvellous spirits took home a cluster of medals from the City by the Bay - including four Golds, six Silvers and one Bronze.

The four tipples which grabbed glittering Gold Medals are our Bathtub Gin Navy-Strength, Bathtub Gin Cask-Aged Navy-Strength, Bathtub Gin Sloe Gin and Cherry Brandy.

The six drinks which snatched up shining Silver Medals are our Bathtub Gin, Bathtub Gin Cask-Aged, Rumbullion!, Rumbullion! XO 15 Years Old, Summer Fruit Cup and Christmas Mulled Cup.

And finally, our Rumbullion! Navy-Strength can brandish its brand new Bronze Medal.

As previously mentioned, we're over the moon about receiving these awards from the prestigious San Francisco World Spirits Competition. High-fives for everybody!

Kitchen Sink Gin - Because Sometimes More is, in Fact, More

Today the Ableforth’s range grows with Kitchen Sink Gin, featuring a list of botanicals that we couldn't even fit on its label.

EDIT: It wasn't just a coincidence that we announced a brand new tipple on the 1st of April...

There are some people in this world who follow the mantra “Quality, not quantity”. However, here at Ableforth’s HQ, we live by a different mantra. “Both. Always both.” We don’t think you should choose between quality or quantity, especially when it comes to botanicals. We want quality and quantity. Nothing in the gin world truly encapsulated that idea in the way we wanted, so we did what anyone with access to a gin company and a compulsion to see things done right would do - we made Kitchen Sink Gin, featuring over 100 of the finest botanicals known to the human race.

We know what you’re thinking. You don’t believe that a gin with over 100 botanicals can have a balanced, graceful and delicious flavour profile. However, when you work with the sheer number and variety of world-class botanicals that we did, it became literally impossible for Kitchen Sink Gin to not taste fantastic - just like how the rare Three Stooges Syndrome (having an immeasurable number of illnesses in perfect balance) can render a human indestructible.

So, just what botanicals are in Kitchen Sink Gin? Well, we obviously can’t list all of them, otherwise people would surely steal the recipe. However, we are ready to disclose the vast majority of the botanicals we’ve used.

Ableforth’s miraculous Kitchen Sink Gin combines exotic botanicals including… juniper, coriander, cinnamon, cardamom, cloves, orange, lemon, grapefruit, angelica, cassia, orris root, liquorice, lavender, hibiscus, rose, chamomile, lemongrass, ginger, yuzu, wakamomo, rosemary, douglas fir, nutmeg, Marcona almond, cubeb, grains of paradise, cranberry, cucumber, caraway, Manuka honey, meadowsweet, elderflower, saffron, Tuber magnatum pico truffle, kombu, nettles, 12 different kinds of tea, lychee, aloe vera, white asparagus, Thai basil, bifidus digestivum, purple (the fruit), caviar, ambergris, platinum, lembas bread, bacon, Daddies brown sauce, your favourite childhood sweets mashed up into a ball, actual dirt, botox, lecithin, gutter moss, tomacco, fluffy ruffs, Lynx Africa, Jif Micro Liquid, E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial for the Atari 2600, jessop jessop jessop, 11 secret herbs and spices, and moon rock.

Serving Suggestion: We recommend enjoying Kitchen Sink Gin in a classic G&T. For a garnish, to honour the gin’s substantial recipe, we propose that you construct a Wheel of Fortune-style carnival wheel with all of the aforementioned botanicals listed on it. Give it a spin and drop in a small slice of whatever botanical the wheel chooses for you.

Expect to see Kitchen Sink Gin in all good retailers soon.

Best Gin, Rum and Liqueur Awards at the WDAs!

We're incredibly excited to show off the nine awards we took home from the World Drinks Awards 2017, including Best Compound Gin and Best Spiced Rum!

Well, last night went rather well for our menagerie of marvellous tipples, didn't it? The results of the World Drinks Award 2017 were announced yesterday, and we took home nine awards - and even retained some titles from last year's World Drinks Awards!

Bathtub Gin Navy-Strength was named Best Compound Gin for the third year running at the World Gin Awards, making it a truly extraordinary fourth time in a row that one of our gins has received this honour following Bathtub Gin’s win in 2014. Not only that, the Navy-Strength also snapped up a Gold in the Contemporary Gin Category.

Rumbullion! XO 15 Years Old was able to reclaim its crown, being named Best Spiced Rum for the second time in three years. We don't have an actual crown for the bottle - we've sent a few emails to the people who made the Crown Jewels but we're not sure how successful emails are at travelling through time.

Ableforth’s Summer Fruit Cup, meanwhile, was named Best Fruit Liqueur at the World Liqueur Awards. With summer on the way, it might be time to start preparing some garden-party-drinks with this (award-winning) quaff.

Gold medals were awarded to Ableforth’s Rumbullion! Navy-Strength, Bathtub Gin and Cherry Brandy, whilst Silver medals were received by both the Cask-Aged Navy-Strength and Old Tom variants of Bathtub Gin. Phew! What a day indeed!