We Took Home Two Top Titles From The World Drinks Awards

Our Rumbullion! XO 15 Years Old and Bathtub Gin – Sloe Gin were named World’s Best Spiced Rum and World’s Best Gin Liqueur at the World Drinks Awards 2018!

We're once again very excited to share the news of our tasty tipples claiming big awards. This time, at the World Drinks Awards 2018, Rumbullion! XO 15 Years Old was named World's Best Spiced Rum (again - it won this title back in 2017 and 2015 too!), while Bathtub Gin - Sloe Gin was named World's Best Gin Liqueur!


Alongside the awards, the judged noted that Rumbullion! XO 15 Years Old was "Very well balanced," and praised the "...Oak and cloves on the palate with caramel and fruit notes." Meanwhile, they also deemed Bathtub Gin - Sloe Gin to be "Very tasty," and went on to mention "...Complex start with spice notes on the nose. Bright, powerful and wonderful take on sloe gin. Gentle middle with soft, short finish."

We're always incredibly proud of how well our drinks are received, probably in a similar way that a parent bird is proud of its baby bird for flying out of the nest for the first time instead of just sitting around and making a terrible racket. The only difference is we don't have feathers. Cheers!

Ableforth’s: Bathtub Gin Bath Products!

Ableforth’s branches out and builds upon its award-winning brand with a range of incredible Bathtub Gin Bath Products.

UPDATE@ It shouldn't be too big of a surprise to find out that this was our April Fool's gag! We'll be sticking to creating delicious spirits... For now...

Supplying the world with accomplished spirits is what we do at Ableforth’s. We’re committed to bringing happiness to people with moments of discernment, as our incredible selection of terrific tipples has demonstrated, from Bathtub Gin to Rumbullion! spiced rum, Summer Fruit Cup and beyond. After years of delectable success and satisfaction in equal measure in spirits, we’ve decided to expand our portfolio and branch out into Bathtub Gin Bath Products.

Having a moment alone to stop and relax is vital in this hectic world. We all know the pleasure to be gained when you take the time to melt away the stresses of the day. We’ve taken pride in providing this indulgent moment in the form of a perfect G&T. Now, Ableforth’s has curated a revitalising range of bath and body products, from the essentials to the luxurious.

Introducing Ableforth’s: Bathtub Gin Bath Products!

Bath Tub Bubble Bath Bottle.jpg

Coinciding with the launch of our new Cornucopian Bathtub motif, the range is inspired by the botanicals and methods used to craft the award-winning Bathtub Gin. Juniper, coriander, cassia, orange peel, cloves and cardamom are the inspiration for every product, meticulously re-worked for the utmost in relaxation.

You may recognise the picture above, but look again. What you’re actually seeing is our new Bathtub Gin Bubble Bath – a rich, deeply soothing  product, perfect to help you unwind after a long day. Based on the classic gin, this indulgent treat utilises the complex aromas of juniper, cassia and cardamom to create a new, inviting style of bubble bath. Bathtub Gin Bubble Bath is also complemented with a Sloe Gin version to invigorate your senses and leave you feeling almond fresh.

Bath Bomb.jpg

Ableforth’s understands that modern gin sippers like to bathe with style. What better way to make the most of your dip than with a Bathtub Gin Buzzing Bath Bomb? The Orange Pomander Bath Bomb, inspired by the orange peel and clove botanicals central to Bathtub Gin’s incredible taste, is a product with dual purpose. Its deep amber tones help curate a calming atmosphere, while the fizzing cloves add more spice to your life.

If that’s not up your street, try the Aromatic Coriander Infused Bath Salts. The rich spice of the coriander is proven to be inspiringly uplifting, adding an invigorating kick to every bath, while the traditional salts help melt away any aches and pains.

Cassia Stick Loofer.jpg

Ableforth’s has also created a wonderful Bathtub Gin Soap for the traditionalists, lovingly embedded with fragrant cardamom seeds, as well as the Navy Strength Damp Gunpowder Exfoliating Scrub, which is sure to leave you with sparkling, radiant skin (please don’t smoke and shower while using this product, the Navy Strength Gin in the scrub remains an ignition hazard). You can also give yourself the thorough foot care you deserve with the specially engineered Clove Foot File, or get to every alcove of your body (or nooks and crannies, if you will) with the Cassia Stick Loofah (complete with signature Bathtub Gin twine!).

Rubber Duck.jpg

Wrapped, strung and wax-sealed by hand, Bathtub Gin Bath Products are ready to deliver unparalleled fresh skin and luxurious, relaxing bath times that will leave you feeling replenished and recharged!

With Bathtub Gin Bath Products, Ableforth’s fans will be able to seamlessly blend their love for incredible gin with their bath time rituals. Ableforth’s: Bathtub Gin Bath Products are made with heart, soul and, most of the time, a shower cap. We’ve conquered the bar – now we’re going to conquer your bathroom.

You can purchase all of the above from our website as usual. To celebrate the launch, Bathtub Gin fans can tweet @Ableforth’s using the hashtag #BATHISBEST to receive a personal discount code that will give you 20% off your first purchase (expires midday).

Bring on bathtime.

Disclaimer: Please Don’t Drink And Bathe. #BatheResponsibly.

We understand that our Bath Products look just as good as their alcoholic counterparts, so our expert team went to great lengths to ensure the whole range is, entirely safe for consumption - just in case you did get them mixed up. But they still carry a warning - they are simply never going to taste as good as our the original Bathtub Gin spirits bottlings!

Ableforth's Underground Named Brand Experience Campaign Winner!

We're more than a little bit overjoyed to share the news that Ableforth's Underground was crowned the Drinks Marketing Challenge Brand Experience Campaign Winner by Drinks International!


Our subterranean cocktail and games pop-up has evolved into an award-winning subterranean cocktail and games pop-up! Back in October, we took over a basement in London and hosted Ableforth's Underground for the whole week. With cocktails galore, oodles of games, guest bartenders, an interactive tasting wall and more, safe to say it was a busy but incredibly fun week for Team Ableforth's.

The efforts of our fantastic crew have been rewarded, with Drinks International naming Ableforth's Underground the Drinks Marketing Challenge 2018 Brand Experience Campaign winner! We're all immensely proud indeed, and we're thankful to everyone who came along to enjoy the week. This has made us somehow even more excited about the plans we're making for the rest of this year. Stay tuned - 2018 is gonna to be fun...

#AccomplishedSpirit: Ableforth’s Lee takes on Everest

In the first of our #AccomplishedSpirit posts, brand ambassador Lee Peare talks trekking to the Mount Everest base camp, what it takes to overcome challenges, and the #AccomplishedSpirit philosophy.

 Lee on his journey to Everest

Lee on his journey to Everest

How did your Mount Everest adventure come about?

Everest came about around November last year. One of my best friends moved back to London and asked how life was, and over a Guinness or two I realised that I was missing one major thing in life: a big challenge. So after another pint and a little Irish bravado, we settled on Everest. We knew that we could never climb the whole thing, as that would take years of total dedication, but to trek the whole way to base camp while carrying all our own equipment would be a challenge unlike any other.

When do you travel out, and how long will the trek take?

We leave on 7 March and the trek takes 15 days in total. We are going on a circular trek via the Gokyo Lakes, crossing the Cho La Pass to Everest base camp. We will be trekking over 160km in this time and reaching altitudes of up to 6,000m.

What parts of the Everest climb do you think will be the most challenging?

All of it. There is no way to tell how your body will react to altitude. We will have time to acclimatise as we go, but as we get higher up we it is going to get very difficult, especially when carrying so much equipment.

You are also undertaking a number of challenges in the run-up to the expedition. Give us an overview...

I was reminded by an old friend that there is being fit and then there is being hill fit! So I started looking for endurance challenges that would really test me to my limits – if I could complete them, Everest would be a walk in the park. So I contacted the guys at theSFexperience.com and signed up for a whole range of challenges with them. They are the only organisation of its kind run and staffed by ex-UK Special Forces soldiers, offering endurance challenges replicating sections of what is undoubtedly the toughest selection course in the world. I can tell you first hand, these are tough! But I am loving the challenge.

 The training continues... 

The training continues... 

What appeals to you about these adventures? How did you first get into this sort of thing?

I love the thought of pushing myself to my physical and mental limits, then breaking those and continuing on. For the past few years I have been travelling a lot with work and found that I had lost that little escape that challenging myself gave me. I missed it! So when I bit the bullet and booked the first challenge, I knew I had to do it and that there was no backing down. Then when I completed the first one, I was hooked! That was it; I felt like a new man, and the exhilaration that it gave me just drives me on to do bigger and better things. This has also had a knock-on effect on the rest of my life. I found I was more alert, more disciplined and eager to take on each day with a renewed vigour.

How do you prepare mentally for all these challenges? What keeps you going when it gets really tough?

Without a doubt the hardest thing with all of these challenges it the mental aspect. Anybody can be fit, but when the wind is driving the rain so hard into your face it feels like needles, and the 50lb pack on your back feels like 500lb, this is when is when you gotta dig deep down inside and find the part of you that won’t give up. Everybody has their own way of dealing with this point when they reach it. When they do they are tested, but know it’s a test and overcome it and push on. But there are a lot of people who don’t, who haven’t found that inner strength and give up. I have my my own ways, as do many others, to keep me going and one of them comes from part of a speech given by Admiral W H McRaven at Texas University in 2014. In this speech he relates the difficulties he faced during his time training to become a U.S. Navy Seal and concluded it with his view on never giving up:

“Finally, in Seal training there is a bell. A brass bell that hangs in the centre of the compound for all the students to see. All you have to do to quit, all you have to do to quit, is ring the bell. Ring the bell and you no longer have to wake up at 5 o'clock. Ring the bell and you no longer have to do the freezing cold swims. Ring the bell and you no longer have to do the runs, the obstacle course, the PT — and you no longer have to endure the hardships of training. Just ring the bell. If you want to change the world don't ever, ever ring the bell.”

Accomplished Spirit logo WEB.jpg

Describe the #AccomplishedSpirit philosophy. How does this all fit together? What’s the bigger picture?

The #AccomplishedSpirit idea came from an old photo I found of Tom Crean, who was an Antarctic explorer and a member of Captain Scott’s expedition team. In the photo he is raising a toast with his colleagues on completion of another voyage, and there was something about this that really struck home. He accomplished something great and he wanted to share it with his colleagues and friends by raising a little glass of something in celebration. I thought to myself, this is something that encompasses Ableforth’s perfectly, so why not start something. I thought why not help people to accomplish something that they have always wanted to do, then share it with them by toasting their achievement with a little drop of one of our accomplished spirits! So the plan came together. Now if you are going to ask people to step out of their comfort zone and endeavour to achieve these goals, well you have to lead by example, or at least show that you are willing to step in and get dirty too.

Our Fifth World's Best Compound Gin Title from the World Gin Awards

Bathtub Gin Old Tom took home the title of World's Best Compound Gin at the World Gin Awards 2018 - the fifth time one of our gins has claimed the crown!

The World Gin Awards 2018 winners were announced last night, and we're incredibly excited to say that the Ableforth's name appeared a number of times on the list of lucky prizewinners - and we even defended our title of World's Best Compound Gin A Bathtub Gin variation has been named World's Best Compound Gin every year since 2014, and this year Bathtub Gin Old Tom stepped up to the plate and hit it out of the park!


Not only that, we took home a pair of Category Winner titles, excitingly! Bathtub Gin Old Tom was named UK Compound Gin Category and Bathtub Gin Cask-Aged, Navy-Strength was named UK Matured Gin Category Winner. We snagged a Gold Medal for Bathtub Gin Navy-Strength while we were at it, too.

It wasn't just our booze getting recognition last night - humans also received awards, and one of our humans snatched up a belter of an accolade. Ableforth's Northern Brand Ambassador Dan Crowther was named Gin Brand Ambassador of the Year by the Icons of Gin judges. That's right, he's officially an icon. 


What a wonderful haul to start off the year!!

Ableforth’s kicks off #AccomplishedSpirit

Our new #AccomplishedSpirit campaign champions the amazing feats that push everyday adventurers out of their comfort zones to achieve the incredible.

Accomplished Spirit logo WEB.jpg

What’s your finest achievement? Here at Ableforth’s we’re proud of our meticulously crafted, deliciously discerning collection of spirits and liqueurs. But we’re also constantly inspired by the awesome accomplishments achieved by the ordinary people who push themselves beyond their limits in a quest to do something incredible.

We all know one of them. Perhaps it’s a friend, co-worker or family member. Maybe you are one of them yourself. We’re talking about the everyday adventurers – normal people who stop at nothing to achieve the unbelievable. They take on the toughest challenges, stopping at nothing to attain the astounding. For some it’s climbing the highest mountains. For others it’s completing a first marathon. We think every feat is amazing. Which is why we want to raise a glass to all the everyday achievers hitting incredible goals with our new #AccomplishedSpirit campaign.

We’re kicking off #AccomplishedSpirit online by championing the very much offline exploits of our brand ambassador, Lee Peare. Lee is in training to climb to Mount Everest base camp, and in the process is undertaking an array of challenges which in and of themselves embody #AccomplishedSpirit.

You can keep up with all the #AccomplishedSpirit developments right here on our blog and across Twitter, Facebook and Instagram using the hashtag. Follow along and join us in raising a glass to these incredible achievements!

Looking for Christmas drinks inspiration? We’ve got easy festive serves sorted!

One week until the Big Day! The Christmas countdown is well and truly ON. Still not sure what to serve at your Yuletide soiree or seasonal feast? Fear not! We’ve got three delicious sippers up our sleeves, and they couldn’t be simpler to recreate.

Mulled wine, anyone? The answer is always yes, but capturing the taste of Christmas in drinkable form is not necessarily straightforward. Step in Christmas Mulled Cup!

Mulled wine.jpg

What is this Christmas Mulled Cup? It’s our fabulous solution to concocting the most delicious and seriously impressive mulled wine in the comfort of your own home. A blend of VSOP Cognac, Vintage Port, cold-distilled orange and lemon peels, cold-distilled fresh root ginger, and fabulously festive tinctures made from all kinds of Christmas spices.

So how does it all work? Once you’ve identified the occasion for your mulled wine simply gather:

  • The Christmas Mulled Cup. You’ll only need 75ml for now.

  • A bottle of good, fruity red wine. The juicier the better!

  • 60g granulated sugar

Simply throw the whole lot in a pan, gently heat and serve. Just wonderful!

Mulled wine not your thing? Try a Christmassy Cherry Sour!

While Mulled Wine does wonders when out in the cold or snuggled up by the fire, sometimes you want something with a little bit of a pick-me-up to get that Christmas party started. Why not try a Cherry Sour with our Cherry Brandy for a seasonal twist on the classic?

Cherry sour.jpg

The secret ingredients (aside from the delectable Cherry Brandy, of course!), are the lemon juice and sugar syrup, which combine for a magnificent sweet/sour mix. And this one is shaken, not stirred, so fish out your shaker and prepare to wow your Christmas guests.

All set? Good. Then pull together:

  • The Cherry Brandy. 35ml makes one serve, you can double the quantities up in your shaker for speed if you’ve got a few to make.

  • 25ml lemon juice

  • 5ml sugar syrup

  • A dash of Angostura Bitters

Chuck them all in, shake over ice, and then strain into an ice-filled rocks glass and top with soda. Garnish with a cherry and lemon slice for a flourish!

And one for the sloe gin fans…

Frankly, it’s not Christmas without the Sloe Gin making an appearance. Bathtub Gin’s is a belter, with almost half a pound of sloes in every bottle! Other botanicals include juniper berries, cassia, coriander, cloves and orange peel, which are all blended with copper-pot-still spirit. This classy, character-filled Sloe Gin is ideal in a Sloe Gin Mule – and the best part? It’s super easy to make!


In addition to the Sloe Gin, you’ll need some lime juice (dig out that juicer!) and some ginger beer. To craft take:

  • 40ml Bathtub Gin – Sloe Gin

  • 20ml Lime Juice

Build over ice in a highball glass and top with ginger beer. Add a lime wedge as a garnish and voilà! Christmas Sloe Gin cocktails are go.

That’s the drinks sorted, then. Enjoy!

Christmas Mulled Cup, Ableforth’s Cherry Brandy and Bathtub Gin – Sloe Gin are available from all good drinks retailers.

Off-trade/on-trade enquiries should be directed to our UK distributor, Maverick Drinks.

Get Your Ableforth's Personalised at Selfridges for Christmas

Head down to your nearest Selfridges, pick up one of our bottles and get it personalised for free this Christmas! 

You may have noticed people hurrying around in a bit of a fluster recently. You might have also seen small pastry goods filled with various dried fruits and spices lining the shelves of supermarkets as of late. Maybe a pointy tree covered in shiny things has invaded your dwelling a week or two ago. These are telltale signs of Christmas approaching at an alarming rate.

If you're anything like us, you are anything but prepared when it comes to Christmas gifts for our friends and family. However, we are ready to help with Christmas gifts for YOUR friends and family with the help of the folks from Selfridges! Their shelves are stocked to the brim with our delicious spirits, and for Christmas, when you purchase a bottle from your nearest Selfridges, you can get it personalised for free!

  The talented  May von Millingen  making a bottle of Bathtub Gin even more snazzy!

The talented May von Millingen making a bottle of Bathtub Gin even more snazzy!

Up until 23 December, there will be illustrators on hand at Selfridges to personalise a Christmas message for your loved ones onto bottles of Bathtub Gin, Rumbullion!, Cherry Brandy, Christmas Mulled Cup and more. Check out the times and dates this service will be available at Selfridges across the country below...

Selfridges London Branch
Every Monday - Saturday, 2pm- 8:30pm
Every Sunday, 12pm - 6pm

Selfridges Birmingham Branch
Saturday 9th
Friday 15th
Thursday 21st
Friday 22nd
Saturday 23rd

Selfridges Manchester Branch
Every Friday & Saturday